Once upon a time, BUNNi and GOATFACE came up with a bizarre circus act and took on the road. As the music started to play on their boombox, Bunni would dance as Goatface enticed viewers to become participants in this seductive spectacle. But what happens next will blow your mind, according to BUNNi everything got out of control, the music was so entrancing, everyone got out on the floor and started having sex. The music was way too powerful, a bunch of people fucking like rabbits. It was crazy to say the least. Goatface recounts the experience different, claiming something completely different happened. It should be noted that neither of these two can be trusted, so both accounts are probably inaccurate.

This STRANGELAND performance is an investigation into the absurdity of human existence. With a perverse humor and provocative pleasure, this seductive spectacle uses repetition to create an entertainingly confusing situation that lacks a logical conclusion. The amusing but transitory experience reflects the irrationality of existence, a merry go round of meaninglessness meant not to provoke tears of despair but laughter of liberation.