Once upon a time in a land far away, BUNNi wanted to put on a puzzling workshop. In her perplexing production, BUNNi taught participants how to cut images from beauty magazines and paste them together to create a fantastical backdrop. The wasteful scraps were then fed to keep her very large pet alligator, Elvis, satisfied and obedient. Guests were paid and encouraged for their contributions with a round of applause. At one point though Elvis got a little upset, so BUNNi had to start cutting off visitor’s limbs and maybe even sacrificed them whole to keep him quiet. It should be noted by the reader that BUNNi sometimes stretches the truth, and cannot be trusted to give an accurate account of events.

This experimental workshop installation and performance ultimately serves as a commentary on desire and consumption, and the overwhelming excess of mass media’s effect on personal and social identities.