Welcome to StrangeLand.


Once upon a time in this avant-garde fairytale known as STRANGELAND, Bunni (ANDiLAND) and Goatface (STRANGE LENS) find their two worlds collide while exploring the superficial construct of reality. With a perverse humor and provocative pleasure this performance duo ambiguously swerves between parody and enactment, investigating the collision and collusion of fantasy to form a new reality of consciousness.

ANDiLAND works with a variety of media to create her campy but whimsical immersive installations and performances. Utilizing a perverse humor she invites viewers past the looking glass of reality down the rabbit hole of her own personal female psyche, attempting to assault the norms of acceptable female behavior to subversive ends.

STRANGE LENS is a mixed media artist who explores the world of dreams, nightmares and the obscure irrational of the subconscious. She recreates the experience and atmosphere of disorientation and disconnect caused by excessive vivid dreams and re-enacts them through video, installation and performance.

No one ever leaves,

because we just wanna make believe.